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On December 7th, Lon Baronne II, MD, performed his 600th robotic-assisted surgery with the Globus Robotic Spine System at Park Place Surgical Hospital in Lafayette, LA. This milestone marks a huge achievement for Dr. Lon Baronne II of Louisiana Orthopaedic Specialists, who is the most experienced surgeon using this robotic technology, in the world. Baronne, a fellowship-trained and board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon, has been using the robotic system for four years since Park Place and Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center helped bring this system to Acadiana. “I am grateful to be practicing in a time and place where I get to participate in the dramatic advancement of spine surgery,” says Baronne. A minimally invasive procedure, patients see a number of benefits through robotic-assisted surgeries. The incisions made during the operation are much smaller than those made in traditional surgeries, meaning shorter recovery times. The use of this robotic technology also can reduce operating time, meaning less anesthesia and less pain and recovery time.

“This technology, paired with minimally invasive techniques, has far exceeded my wildest expectations,” says Baronne. While offering many benefits to the patient, robotic-assisted surgeries also benefit the surgeon as well. The surgical planning features allow precise surgical planning and interoperative views of the patient’s anatomy, which enables the surgeon to perform their operations with greater accuracy and precision. “The results we have seen in our patients make this the greatest job in the world,” says Dr. Baronne.

Becker’s Spine Review article-Dr. Lon Baronne reaches 600 cases with spine robot