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Acadiana’s Leader
for Orthopedics, Spine & Sports Medicine

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Louisiana Orthopaedic Specialists offers Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy (orthopedic) at several locations across Acadiana. (Lafayette (3), Scott, New Iberia and Youngsville)

Orthopedic Urgent Care

OUC specializes in the treatment of both major and minor orthopedic injuries and chronic conditions in adults and children. No appointment is necessary. Regular office co-pays. NO FACILITY FEES, saving you money. Locations Lafayette & Scott.

Lafayette & Scott Hours
Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm, Saturdays: 9am-6pm

Robotic Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive robotic spine surgery combines your surgeon’s understanding of anatomy with x-ray imaging to treat spine conditions using small incisions. A minimally invasive technique permits the surgeons at Louisiana Orthopedic Specialists to separate the muscles surrounding the spine rather than cut through them.

Hip Replacement Options

Our hip specialists offer an array of options for all hip replacement candidates. From traditional anterior and posterior approach procedures to robotic assisted solutions (ROSA and MAKO) we’ll work to get you back to an active lifestyle.

Shoulder Procedures

Louisiana Orthopaedic Specialists has extensive experience in advanced shoulder procedures (reverse shoulder replacement, total shoulder replacement and revision shoulder replacement), as well as correcting rotator cuff damage, alleviating shoulder impingement and shoulder instability, arthritis relief, and fracture repair.

Acadiana’s Only Fellowship Trained Spine Team

Louisiana Orthopaedic Specialists has Acadiana’s only Team of Spine Specialists. Our Spine Surgeons (Neil Romero & Lon Baronne II) work with our Interventional Spine Specialists (Kevin Lasseigne and Ben Baronne) and team of Physical Therapists to provide the best care for your neck or back pain and injuries, including Robotic Assisted Spine Surgery (Globus).

Joint Pain

If you suffer from joint pain, we can help. Our specialists have many options to help beginning with conservative approaches that include physical therapy, and if needed surgical procedures that include robotic assisted options (Hip & Knee).

Chris Hebert, MD

Acadiana’s Only Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Specialist

15 Orthopedic Specialists

BACK: Seth Rosenzweig / Robby LeBlanc / James Kyle / Peter Vizzi / Matthew Williams / Adam Perry / Christopher Hebert / Brandon Kimbrel / Michael Duval / Dr. Kevin Lasseigne Jr. / Benjamin Baronne

FRONT: Thomas Montgomery / Judson Penton / Lon Baronne II / Bryce Fugarino / Neil Romero

Penton’s ACL Study

Louisiana Orthopaedic Specialists’ Judson Penton, MD, recently initiated a study published in The Arthroscopy Journal. This is a massive breakthrough in ACL reconstruction and sports medicine in general.

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